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Turkish customs for weddings

Turkey has a rich tradition-filled society, and despite the fact that most couples nowadays combine Western ceremony customs, there are still many distinctive traditions that are practiced all over the nation. Some of these traditions are still practiced in small towns and villages, but in bigger locations, arranged marriages https://www.expatica.com/living/love/online-dating-tips-for-men-108863/ have replaced them with enjoy unions.

The bride’s household visits her home to ask for her hand in marriage before the conventional Turkish wedding meeting begins. A “nisan bohcasi,” which is a torso of gifts for the couple’s community that usually includes food, sweets, toiletries, towels, and another practical everyday items, is usually brought.

The few subsequently get married at the city house after the “el isteme” is accepted by both communities. As they become husband and wife, they sign their names and applaud.

Platinum is a common symbol at wedding receptions, and visitors frequently adorn the woman’s attire with gold coins or bills. The bride https://asiansbrides.com/turkish-brides and groom finally party around one another with their shoulders interlocked while a group plays tunes.

Additionally, it is usual for the pair to eat a “halay” food, which consists of mezes and raki and is served in large dishes with mutton shanks. The couple’s apparel is next decorated with cash for the guests to wish them well. Children and teenagers blocking the highways to stop the bridal fleet in order to get tips from the vicar’s friends is one of the funniest traditions that still exists now.

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